Australian-developed technology primed for Horticulture Award changes

An Australian fresh produce labour management tool has the ability to help growers comply with the Fair Work Commission's decision that growers must record pieceworkers' hours and pay the minimum hourly rate under a variation to the Horticulture Award.

"Our technology is already helping growers to become compliant," AgPick Technology chief executive officer Henrietta Child said.

"AgPick has been designed to provide easy and accurate recording of time bookings and activity with a flexible mobile environment for both indoor and outdoor activities, including paid and unpaid breaks," she said.

Punnet of raspberries
Caption: AgPick supports multiple workflows to enable flexible recording of activities and times. Click on image to download high res.

"Its key purpose is to help growers manage their labour more efficiently. It easily records hourly and piece-rate activities and enables growers to easily move workers between piece-rate and hourly rate payments.

"AgPick has been successfully working in this way for various Australian berry producers for several years. However, it can be applied to any fresh produce line and over any number of sites. It's quick and easy to implement and priced to be affordable.

"AgPick records data at the source so it is accurate and efficient. Worker data is visible immediately which supports early intervention by managers to address and resolve workplace productivity issues.

"This will be the catalyst for growers to become more organised and accountable and it will reduce inefficiency during the national labour shortage. We expect there will be an urgent need from producers who currently rely on paper-based systems or counting apps to become compliant quickly."

Ms Child said AgPick Technology had already experienced increased interest in AgPick since the Fair Work Commission's decision was handed down last week and she expected more as producers worked to understand the implications.

"Change is coming and the good news is there's technology such as ours to support growers to make that change more easily than they might think," she said.

The Fair Work Commission's decision which is not yet law, will also require pieceworkers be paid a minimum hourly rate (currently $25.41 per hour). The application to vary the award was brought about by the Australian Workers' Union.

(Issued: November 10, 2021)

AgPick Technology was established in South Australia in 2017 in response to a need for harvesting efficiency and accountability in the horticultural sector. AgPick is at the forefront of global picking technologies.

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