Best foot forward: Dancer stories

Linda Brucesmith, guest blogger at Brisbane's Rio Rhythmics Latin Dance Academy, writes on all things Latin dance - and discovers that partner-dancing is a metaphor for life.

Dance blog 5

The pivot: The excellent adventures of a student supporter (SSP)
(March 18): There’s something about wearing a uniform that gives you a buzz, makes you think you know things, makes you cooler and calmer about going...  

Dance blog 4

Heart to heart: The excellent adventures of a student supporter (SSP)
(March 11): It’s the t-shirts. Rio Rhythmics’ Student Supporter tees are magic! Like the wardrobe-portal in the C.S Lewis novel (the one with the...  

Dance blog 3

The quiet heart
(March 4): The news was not good. The shy dancer had lost her dance partner to the rushing tide of life. Before being pulled-away-by-other-things,...  

The shy little dancer's first performance

Centre stage
(February 18): This shy little dancer arrived at her first zouk choreography training session on a Saturday afternoon. Rio Rhythmics’ Brazilian...  

The shy little dancer

In the limelight
(February 11): This shy little dancer has been dancing for fifteen years. In all that time, she has plotted and schemed and carefully managed to...