Hotness: The excellent adventures of a student supporter (SSP)

(May 6): Summer in Brisbane is hot and summer’s Latin dancers can get very sweaty. Rio Rhythmics’ Student Supporters get sweaty too EXCEPT that Rio Rhythmics puts us in black t-shirts with funky white logos (front and back, thank you very much) so the perspiration doesn’t show. (And it looks as though we’re not working at all.)

Hotness is a badly-behaved dance partner - as witnessed by SSPs at Rio Rhythmics' dance classes, everywhere...

Every girl who has ever worn a delightful-and-delicate dress made of cool-and-floaty fabric has been undone by Hotness + the studio fans. Fans make breezes. They LIFT and reveal more than floaty-fabric dresses ever intended to see lifted and send SSPs off to look for modesty-clips. (Yes, they're a thing.)

Hotness does tricky things TO fabric, too. In summer, Rio Rhythmics’ SSPs worry and fret for all the dancers wearing bright colours because they know Hotness LOVES reds and blues and greens. (He stamps his wet-and-sweaty marks all over them.) (He goes for greys, too.) Sometimes, Hotness hunts down light-coloured clothes made of fine fabric and makes them see-through. Just because he can.

SSPs take their roles seriously. When Hotness (or anyone else) wobbles Rio Rhythmics' dance students we TAKE STEPS. (See what I did, there?) Still, Hotness is a tough adversary. Consider this most dastardly of all his (dastardly) ways:
1. Hotness makes a dancer sweat, then causes the sweat to trickle.
2. Hotness waits for the dancer to sit between dances, and...
3. VOILÀ! His mark is made.

What’s a caring SSP to do?

Blog 12
SOLUTIONS: Sweaty dancers could wear nattily-folded head scarves. Cotton handkerchiefs (remember them?) are good. So are cotton towels. (Small, white ones.) These can be jauntily tucked into pockets and used to mop sweaty brows. When summer-in-Brisbane rolls around again, Rio Rhythmics might even bring in a supply of anti-Hotness cloths. They could be stitched with anti-Hotness dance tips!

Ah, but still. It's a shame. Rio Rhythmics’ SSPs don’t get cranky - except with Hotness. Then they get cranky because he has made them so. And then they remind themselves: sweaty Salsa followers in low-backed dresses can get slippery. Leaders who can’t maintain a good, supportive grip = risky business. SSPs don’t like risky business.

THE BRIGHT SIDE: Autumn's Coolness is just around the corner and he makes a much better dance partner than Hotness ever could. Be sure to take him to the dance floor because in winter, Coldness is coming. And he's got a whole new bag of tricks.
(to be continued...)

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